Evanston Women's March on Washington

Rally to Evanston Women's March on Washington with Kathleen Long

  • destination location Rides to 66 New York Ave NE, NY Ave Parking Lot From Evanston, IL
  • travel date Saturday, January 21, 2017
  • about rally Rally is bus rideshare
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Book your seat for travel on a high-end bus to Evanston Women's March on Washington at Southwest Washington, Washington in Washington DC, DC on Saturday, January 21, 2017 without the hassles of driving, parking, or navigating traffic.

Motorcoaches will be used for this trip, which regularly have the following amenities:
Luxury motorcoaches will be utilized for this trip Individual, comfortable, reclining bucket seats Free wifi usually available Outlets may be available Restrooms Food and alcoholic beverages allowed

Trip from Evanston, IL

Rides for Evanston Women's March on Washington

The Story

Evanston Women's March on Washington

Rally is rideshare for communities connecting with their passions. Not your average bus trip, it's a Rally ride. Share your story of why you're going on social media and earn free rides.

Rally partners with hundreds of bus companies across the country and only work with operators that follow proper safety and sanitization protocols.


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Rally trips to Southwest Washington, Washington for Evanston Women's March on Washington


My trip hasn’t been approved yet? When will I know the final price? You will receive an email with confirmation and the final price (including final costs for bus permits, parking, driver gratuity and accommodation and/or replacement drivers if needed for length of trip to meet DOT regulations for safety) within two weeks of when you created the trip.

What’s your cancellation policy for the travel to the March? You can receive a full refund if you cancel your booking for the March by Saturday, December 24th. After the 24th, we cannot provide a refund, but you can transfer your seat to another rider.

What buses do you use? We carefully vet every bus operator to ensure we only use those with the highest vehicle and driver safety records. We use modern motorcoaches, with comfortable seats as well as a restroom on-board.

What experience does Rally have of providing transportation to large political marches? Rally was started to help 5,000 people get to the Rally to Restore Sanity &/or Fear in 2010. Since then we've move hundreds of thousands of riders to events throughout the country. No one has more experience providing transport to events than Rally.

Is Rally an official partner of Womens March on Washington? No, the Women's March on Washington is a grassroots march which does not officially endorse any company including Rally.

Is Rally a political organization? No, we provide transportation for individuals and groups going to thousands of events every year. Rally’s mission has always been to bring people and communities together, so we are personally thrilled to be able to help provide transportation to the Women’s March. While each of us on the team have personal political views, we do not believe private companies are people so Rally does not have a political agenda.


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