Ride. Earn. Repeat.

It’s simple to participate in Rally Rewards... just sign up and climb on board. You’ll accumulate Rally Miles for each real mile you travel and trade them in for free rides. Refer your friends and family and get credit for every seat they reserve. Or book for them and you get all the credit for the miles plus instant discounts.

Earn Rally Miles

Earn Rally Miles with every mile you travel on Rally Bus. You won’t believe how quickly they add up.

Get a discount

Book for your group, get a discount and keep all the miles for yourself.

Get credit

Refer your friends and get credit for each seat they book.

Rally Referrals

$5 CREDIT for you when riders use your referral code!

Rally Miles

Earn Rally Miles with every trip you book! 20 miles traveled equal $1 credit.

Rally Groups

$5 OFF when booking for more than 5 riders!

The more you ride, the more you earn. These are just some of the unique
ways we reward our most loyal riders.

See your status


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