Events bring people together.

We help them get there together, too.

Rally is crowdpowered travel for the 21st century. Our technology connects you with other riders going to the same event or destination, then delivers high-end buses to get you there and back. Choose from preset trips or set up your own, then share your trip, invite friends, and relax...your ride is covered.

This isn’t a new idea. From camel caravans to stagecoaches to high-speed rail, people have been going better by going together. Together is easier, more comfortable, and more fun. It’s better for the community, the economy, and the planet. It just makes sense.

We’re headquartered in New York City, and we’ve moved hundreds of thousands of people to events and destinations across North America. Where will we go together next?

Meet the fleet

Rally partners with local charter bus companies that provide only the newest luxury motor coaches and most reliable drivers. Here’s what all Rally Buses have in common:

  • Clean, working on-board restrooms
  • Entertainment systems including TVs with DVD players
  • Licensed, reliable (and friendly!) drivers
  • Adjustable climate controls
  • Spacious, padded, reclining seats
  • Roomy overhead bins and undercarriage storage for coolers, lawn chairs, foam fingers, and other personal items

Rally Buses

Our late-model luxury motorcoaches designed with your comfort in mind.


Every bus features an on-board restroom plus TVs, a DVD player, and a PA system.


Some even come equipped with complimentary wifi and power outlets.

Meet the folks behind the wheel

Rally Bus drivers are the best in the business –– and not just because of their formidable skills on the road. They’ve helped lost concertgoers find the right buses, rescued customers’ phones from crowded dance floors, and recruited entire neighborhoods for group outings. Their commitment to safety and courtesy continually inspires us to make the Rally Bus experience as memorable, special, and interesting as the people driving the bus.

Safety and efficiency

Are late-model luxury motorcoaches designed with your comfort in mind.

Local bus companies

Every bus features an on-board restroom plus TVs, a DVD player, and a PA system.


Some even come equipped with complimentary wifi and power outlets.

Riders loves Rally

Mr. Reyes was the best! Tipped him in person. Thank you for providing this service. I have used Rally many times but this was the best experience yet!

Debbie B
Women's March on Los Angeles
Jan 18, 2020

It was my first time with Rally and it was a amazing experience, brand new bus,friendly driver what else you can ask for. I will recommend to my friends and family but for sure I will keep using Rally for my future 49ers games

jorge L U
Vikings @ 49ers Playoffs
Jan 11, 2020

Every trip has been awesome. The communication is great. The check in is so easy and the bus drivers have been very kind, friendly and helpful. When giving a tip, I just give the driver cash. The buses are always on time and very clean. Another awesome thing is the online bus tracker. I love Starr Tours. Its the best way to get your kids home and back to school. I highly recommend it.

Kathy N
Pitt Winter Break Trip
Jan 5, 2020

I rode with Rally a total of 4 times for Thanksgiving break and for Winter break, and I had no bad experiences. My family is willing to pay the extra money for Rally rather than paying for a cheaper Greyhound ticket because the pick-up/drop off stop is so close to my house, the bus is filled with other Pitt students, and the bus is high quality. Overall I had an excellent experience and I will definitely ride with Rally in the future.

Regina T
Pitt Winter Break Trip
Jan 5, 2020

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